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2009-Apr-14 - Modulate general knowledge of the cocktail

Modulate general knowledge of the cocktail
Modulate the cocktail, there are a lot of paying attention to, skill and experiences. If can understand them one by one and master skillfully, it is then of great advantage for you to adjust the improvement of the wine level.
Modulate base wine and choice of batching that cocktail spend?should until the thing American, the price is modest for the principle. It is a kind of waste to select the advanced product costing an arm and a leg for use.
Enter the new hand of this one for the first time, before manufacturing cocktail, should learn the drinking vessel of the consumption, so as to ensure the taste of the wine is pure. As to transferring a wine teacher experiencedly, the drinking vessel of the it is unnecessarying amount should be all right too, because its eyesight and time on hand are enough to enable the bad fraction of accuracy of unloading.
Unloading procedure want, follow ahead of adjuvants, and then main principle of material, if what mistake does it produce in the course of modulating like this, losses will not be too big, and the ice-cubes will not be melted quickly.
Pour wine, wine that pour into take, leave dark 1/8 distance from cup mouth. Will cause certain difficulty to the drinking of somebody while being full, can seem very embarrassed while being few too too.
Modulate hot drinking: Wine can't exceed 78 ¡æ while being warm, because some evaporation of alcohol 78 ¡æ.
It should be fresh to adjust materials such as the milk, egg, fruit juice that the wine uses,etc., especially the ice-cubes, should be full of selecting the fresh one for use. The fresh ice-cubes are tough, it is difficult to melt.
Candy lump, sugar used, should melt it with a small amount of water in adjusting the drinking vessel or wineglass at first in adjusting wine, then put into other materials and modulate.
In adjusting the wine "  Fill it up with soda water or mineral water "  This sentence fills it up with soda water or other beverages finally according to the requirement for filling a prescription regarding wineglass suitable in capacity. As to capacity heavy wineglass, need amount added to grasp, the ground " fills it up " simply Will only make the wine light.
Chase water: Mean that in order to dilute wine of degree of high alcohol, and add extra drinking water.
If the fruit was soaked with the hot water in advance, in the course of pressing, will emerge 1/4 of the juices more.
Manufacture syrup: Sugar with proportion of ink '  Weight)  It is 3:1.
The egg white used in the cocktail, is for the foam which increases the wine and color of the regulation wine, the taste to the wine will not exert an influence. 
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2009-Apr-14 - Method that Western-style food drinks

Diet etiquette: Method that Western-style food drinks
 Hold the foot of the cup lightly with three fingers

    Usually quench a small amount of wine into the wineglass by waiter in drinks service, let guests distinguish whether quality is wrong. Need only regard it as a kind of form, drink a small mouth and answer Good. Then, waiter will come, pour wine? at this moment, don't start, go, take wineglass, should put, go, change wineglass by waiter at desk.

    Correct holding the posture of marking is to hold the foot of the cup lightly with the finger. In order to prevent the temperature of hands from making the wine warm and increasing, employ thumb, middle finger and forefinger to hold the foot of the cup, it is fixed that the little finger of toe is put in the bottom platform of the cup.

    Method to drink

    Can't suck, drink absolutely drink, slope wineglass, put, drink at the tongue wine. Wave the wineglass and let the wine and air contact in order to increase the sweet-smelling of the wine gently, but does not need and rock the cup fiercely.

    In addition drink but strength drink through spill cup think people, hold wineglass speak drink, drink eat, lipstick print along first-class in wineglass, all impolite behaviors. It don't wipe cup with finger along at lipstick print,wipe better by medicated napkin.

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